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By test work, pupils and students show the teachers what level they have reached in their knowledge, how they understood the explanations of the material in the lectures, how much they know theory and practice. It is advisable to schedule a consultation with write my papers before you create a project, supplementing it with drawings, diagrams in order to more clearly convey to the verifier the algorithm and the author's methodology in the study. The appendix includes illustrations, graphs, tables, etc.


Applications contain materials that are included in the following list:tables;charts;diagrams;calculations with formulas;descriptions of equipment;copyright techniques, recommendations;illustrations;reference examples.


This list can be continued by the author of the text development, it is important that it conforms to the rules for the design of the application in the test work of a particular educational institution.


What are the rules for registration?


The correct design of applications is carried out under several conditions. It is necessary to edit your paper beforehand to provide the following rules:placement is performed at the end of the control, there can no longer be other documents behind the attachments;separates the application from the test work with a separate sheet with a title in the middle of the page;each addition is placed on the new side, regardless of the fact that the previous one consists of several words;the format is transferred to another lane with an indication of the continuation of the application with duplication of the serial number.

Page numbering is not provided in such text documents, designations are put on the applications themselves, these can be digital or alphabetic values, it is easier for the teacher to find the document indicated in the link by them.


Tips for Beginners


It should be noted that the titles of the applications are numbered, but they do not need to be indicated in the links. If the author uses a letter designation, then not all of them are correct. Application titles are numbered, but do not need to be included in links. Marks such as soft or hard marks are not used in business documents as enumerations.


The use of numbers from the letters y, e, h, z is excluded. Applications after letters are numbered only in numbers, when placing formulas, diagrams and tables. It is necessary to buy assignment online if you don't have the time to scrupulously approach the study of the methods and recommendations of the educational institution so that the design does not differ from their rules.


Final result


Attachments affect the performance of the work as a whole and a positive assessment, but this does not mean that it will be necessary to reproduce unfounded sheets. In this section, you need to include only valid, necessary data that discloses the topic in full, emphasizing the knowledge and competence of the author.


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